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The Paranormal is Real Shadow Journal


The Paranormal is Real

THE JOURNAL Episode #1 -4

4 Parts

Call For Help: 4 Videos

The Paranormal is Real- Joseph
  • June 14, 2022, Part 1 0f 2
    This entry is in two parts due to length. PART ONE This entry is in two parts due to length. PART ONE
  • June 14, 2022, Part 2 of 2
    While doing my initial recording I hear sounds coming from the other room. I go into the upstairs Livingroom to do a spontaneous recording. It worked I did get SOME activity. 9:30AM June 14, 2022.
  • New Year's Eve Part ONE
  • New Year's Eve Part TWO
    Part two of Two
  • Christmas 2020 - Short
    One of videos taken downstairs but there may be more here PLEASE HELP by looking for additional undiscovered activity
  • "They Can Hear Me."- Short
    Before she say's THEY CAN HEAR ME, she says something else Can anyone make it out? From THE RELIVING an Interactive True Story
  • Trouble Hearing
    The (Paranormal device) 'Ovilus' said her name was Debbie, I thought I had my hand over the camera mic but now I know that it was electrical disturbance. There is talking in the background, but I can't make any of it out. Can you?
  • Shuts Off Equipment
    Many times, they point and grow like this one. we think maybe he is pointing to something or trying to tell us something. What are your seeing? We used two SLS cameras, but all equipment that was close to this entity, shut down. All batteries drained. and at the end of this boo buddy trigger object began to malfunction then his batteries died.
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