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The Author Speaks in Shadow about the Paranormal activity from the house itself. A true haunted house now known as THE RELIVING HOUSE. The author talks about spirits or ghosts that are documented in the house. Witness for yourself

The author is asking for the public to help.

Find out why

The Paranormal is Real


If this is your first visit to the SHADOW JOURNAL,  you will want to start with the WELCOME Video.


Please see the                         Icon for the hearing impaired.

Next Take the HOUSE TOUR, the house tour is set up so you will understand what part of the house I am talking about.

For instance, we have a front door on each level, which can become confusing when I say upstairs front door. The HOUSE TOUR does not contain paranormal documentation, but the next tour will have videos- photos and EVP recordings.

THE JOURNAL Section #1 

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Hearing Impaired
The Paranormal is Real Shadow Journal


Tap or Click the Episode Name and the video will automatically drop-down Tap the Title again to close or open the next episode and the first will close on its own.

Keep coming back - Episodes will be added as often we can 

Call For Help

6 Videos there is no time to go thru all the recorded activity. I NEED HELP- If you have time, I am hoping for your help. Watch these videos looking for activity, shadows, moving objects, and sounds.  Some videos we have not even looked at so you would be the first

The Paranormal is Real
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