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Author June Matthews moved into the house with her husband in 2010. Suddenly unexplained things began to happen. As a skeptic she believed it must be an intruder. Soon after no other explanation could be found- She began to document what was happening. Now she knows the truth- This is a real haunting and her true story as she journeyed into accepting that...


#theparanormalisreal Author June Matthews
A picture of Author June Matthews, still documenting paranormal while in bed after heart attack.

The Author

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with a form of PTSD known as Complex Post -traumatic stress disorder or CPTSD also known as Developmental Trauma Disorder.
Situations causing the kind of traumatic stress that can lead to C-PTSD- like symptoms include captivity or entrapment (a situation lacking a viable escape route for the victim.)


With this diagnosis much of my life started to make sense. I had no support system until years later. Family members called me a loser and a waste of life.

The only family members that were not physically abusive, were emotionally ripping me apart with words. Those words continued to hurt for years after my bruises healed.

I believe that we as humans we all come to a precipice in our lives. What we decide is the course the remainder of our life will take. That was 27 years ago.

So many people ask me, what is a Reliving?
'A Reliving is the recurrence of a prior experience; to undergo or experience again' a psychological phenomenon in which a person repeats a traumatic event or its circumstances over and over again. This "Reliving" can also take the form of dreams in which memories and feelings of what happened are repeated.'

The energy inside the house seemed to almost interact with my disorder.

The more I felt, the more things happened. 

It took me almost a year before I stopped allowing my skeptic mind to refuse to believe what was happening.

It's not like the theatrical portrayals in the media, it is not what I thought a haunting would be but, I finally understood - THE PARANORMAL IS REAL

An animated candle flame above iron candle stick
A standing iron candlestick

In the book I describe my own Reliving experiences with a terrifying childhood memory that unexpectedly resurfaces. Since the release of the book, I have been contacted by many people who have Reliving's and Paranormal activity. 

If you or someone you know needs help please open this page for resources.


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