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Sosa, is not the only organization we give to but, is one of the organizations I feel is directly important to the times we live in. Watching the shows online can be disturbing but it is important for parents to know this IS HAPPENING

Please help, the cost of collecting evidence and arresting the perpetrator is costly.

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Thank you!

The National Sexual Assault Hotline, Crisis Text Line, and  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline all can connect you with trained counselors who can provide real-time support and direct you toward long-term help.


Safe from Online Sex Abuse

SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse) is a nonprofit that raises awareness about and combats online child sex abuse and exploitation. We prevent harm by educating communities and advocating for effective legislation, intervene in active abuse by working with law enforcement, and support survivors by connecting them with essential resources.


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Help SOSA Continue This Work

The work SOSA does on decoy sprints is — unfortunately — pretty expensive. It takes a lot of funding to create realistic teen bedrooms, buy clothing for our decoys, collect technology we use, rent an Airbnb, and much more.

If you’d like to be part of the intervention work we’re doing, you can donate today. Thank you in advance for helping us protect kids and teens.


Financial contributions from our supporters are critical to keeping our team able to fight online sex abuse. No matter how much you're able to give, we're so grateful to partner in this mission with you.

SOSA — Safe from Online Sex Abuse (



A Valuable Recovery Group needs help keeping the doors open. 

All profit from the purchase of items in this collection will be DONATED TO HELP KEEP THEIR DOORS OPEN!


Color Morphing Mugs- Start Black-Change with Heat



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