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THE PARANORMAL IS REAL - THE RELIVING - MATCHING ITEM: Matches Card - The 2nd Edition THE RELIVING book, Pendant, Journal, and more.

Give a book from the series-a themed gift from the gift shop then wrap it all up with matching wrapping paper.

Your gifts wrapped in matching paper is a big piece of the overall presentation.  This wrapping paper features printing on a premium gloss paper (90 GSM) for a smooth and clean look.

.: 90 gsm fine art paper
.: Available as one sheet in size: 24" × 60"
.: Paper comes rolled-up

Height 24" - Width 60"

.: NB! Blank / white space with a barcode at the top edge

Wrapping Paper for Matching Gifts -The Paranormal is Real

SKU: 14293681136853975524
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